Younger Lolitas

It's back to school time again! So I have decided to share my thoughts on younger Lolitas and hopefully give some helpful advice for them.

First and foremost - there simply is no age limit on Lolita, young or old. Why should there be an age limit on wearing what you love? But for younger Lolitas, it may be harder to be a part of the fashion.

The first obstacle there is, is the obvious money issue, you probably won't be able to convince your parents to buy you expensive brand dresses on a whim. However, it may be easier to convince them to let you earn the money to buy the clothes you want, perhaps from cheaper places such as Bodyline or while you save up for more expensive things like brand. A few things you could do are babysitting, getting paid for doing chores around the house, mowing lawns, ect. There are a lot of things younger Lolitas could do for a bit of money, but be patient! Lolita fashion is expensive and it takes time to save up for it.You could also learn how to sew, this also takes plenty of time and patience but it can really pay off, in terms of money and creativity.

Second, there is the issue of going to school in Lolita, unless you are home-schooled. You need to check your school rules to see if it would be acceptable to wear Lolita in the first place, if you plan too. If it is, go casual. I am not saying this because you should try to'fit in', I am saying this because it's just plain easier to go through a day of school in Lolita if it is casual, it's easier to walk around and concentrate on your schoolwork. Ditch the multiple petticoats, one is enough. A simple, small headbow is sometimes better than a large one. Wear your hair in simple pigtails or just wear it down. There are plenty of guides for casual Lolita if you need help such as this one.

Third, there is the possible issue of not being able to fit into most Lolita clothing if you are to small for it. Sewing is possibly the best option for this, or see if you can find someone to pay to make the Lolita clothes for you. As for the shoes I find most younger Lolitas are lucky, because there are plenty of cute Mary Janes available for younger Lolitas in normal stores as well as cute accessories! A simple look around your own closet could reveal a few Lolita appropriate pieces you already own.

Fourth, being a part of the Lolita community. Some Lolitas are less than nice, and a community like EGL may be very intimidating to a younger Lolita, it even is to some older Lolitas! Let me make it clear that you do not have to be a member of any Lolita community to be a Lolita. They are a great source of information however, and they can even be great for making new friends, but there are a few jerks out there. Ignore them. You do not need their approval or anyone else's to be a Lolita. I'm not about to say words don't hurt, let's face it, they do. But there are many bullies out there in the real world, just as there are online. Just be careful and be safe on the internet!

Fifth, I leave what is probably the biggest issue for the last. Parents. My parents, thankfully, always approved of the fashion, but some parents will not be so easily convinced. There are many things you can do to try and change their mind, but one of the most affective things is maturity. Prove that you are mature enough to wear the fashion and maybe they will let you, your attitude is the most important thing. As I have listed above, money is an issue, perhaps they don't allow you to wear Lolita because they think it is to expensive. Introduce them to cheaper stores like Bodyline and to the option of sewing and they might change their mind, but make sure to let them know you are willing to work for what you want, you can't expect them to buy you everything! Another issue may be that they find it a bit...unusual. This is understandable, looking like a giant walking cupcake isn't something you see everyday. In this case, you may want to start with introducing them to casual or classic Lolita, then work your way deeper into the fashion slowly, make sure you give them time to adjust to such a big change! Something else that may bother your parents is that they may not think you will actually wear such frilly clothes, especially if you don't usually dress that way. Prove to them you will by wearing nicer clothing on a daily basis, such as skirts and blouses, not just a ratty pair of jeans and a t-shirt.
Overall, you should just try and talk to them about it, let them know how much you love the style. Your parents probably care deeply about you and just want what's best for you, so just be patient with them.

I hope this article offers a bit of advice to younger Lolitas, but the best advice I can offer, is to not give up on being a Lolita, if that is truly what you want to be.
Love, Amelia Jane.

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