What to expect your first time out in Lolita

So you have your first Lolita outfit - feeling a bit nervous about wearing it out in public? Don't be! While your experience will vary depending on where you live and who you meet while you're out as well as where you go, here are the basics of what to expect as well as a few tips.

1. People will stare.

This is normal and to be expected wearing any fashion different from the norm.

2. People will feel the need to comment on what you are wearing.

Most people will probably not comment at all, most of the ones who do comment will probably say nice things and all of the ones who say mean things aren't worth your time or effort. Just stay confident, mean people are usually cowards and will be intimidated, therefore leaving you alone.

 3. Don't be surprised if people ask to take your picture - or do so without asking at all.

Consider the first a compliment, if they are impressed enough to ask you for a picture it probably means you look pretty good! As for the second, you don't have to put up with that, it's an invasion of privacy. Either confront them or block them from being able to take your picture with something like a parasol or a friend. If they make you feel threatened tell a police officer, harassment is against the law no matter what you're wearing.

4. If you're wearing a tulle petticoat, it will deflate. 

Specifically, it will deflate in the back from you sitting on it while wearing Lolita. This can be temporarily fixed by starching it or avoided completely ( So I've heard ) by wearing a crinoline petticoat.


  • Bring a friend or two. You'll feel a lot less nervous and will be able to focus more on having fun that what other people are thinking about you.
  • If you plan on doing a lot of walking around, leave the heels at home. Trust me, it will save your feet some pain. If you really have to wear them, try using gel insoles.
  • Don't snap at anyone who stares at you, they probably know nothing about the fashion and are simply curious about you. 
  • Just have fun wearing what you like!


Good Enough

Everywhere you look, perfection is the standard of what a person should be. Mainstream society and even subcultures have developed an image of what perfection is, for the Lolita it is looking just like a porcelain doll and for other girls it may be looking like a Barbie doll. It's not just the image either, it's everything down to whether or not your own beliefs will offend someone else's.

This isn't something we should just sit back and allow. No one will ever be "good enough", because we won't ever be perfect. I hope everyone out there realizes that. Why? Because you're probably judging yourself by that same standard, too. I do it all the time, every day, I'm sure most of you do too, to think thoughts like "Maybe I shouldn't wear Lolita today, my hair doesn't look just right." or to wonder why you're even going to bother trying to do something great because there will always be someone out there better, smarter or prettier than you. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how much we try to deny it or cover it up, even the people you look at and wonder "How can he/she be so perfect?". I've finally come to a realization, and that is that I don't need anyone else's permission to be myself loud and proud.

And neither do you.

My mom always used to say to me that someone is going to find something to tease you about no matter what you do. So why even bother trying to please everyone? Go ahead and try, try to become whatever it is you feel led to become, be aware that people will always attempt to bring you down but in the end they can't stop you.


Lolita Christmas Gifts on a Budget

I have finally succumb to the Christmas spirit. Every year I try to make it wait until December, but starting this year I think I'll just give up and feel Christmas-y starting in November!

So, I've decided to make a list of some Christmas gift ideas that would be good to give to your fellow Lolitas aside from the obvious like dresses. :) It includes links for examples and ideas. :P Some ideas are obviously better for different types of Lolitas ( Classic, Gothic, ect. ).

     Well that's all I can come up with for now, hope it helps!


    Lolita becoming... mainstream?

    This may be an old topic but I'm going to discuss it anyways because some people still have an issue with this.

    As Lolita gains popularity and even celebrities try out the fashion, there has always been a fear among Lolitas of the fashion becoming... *gasp* MAINSTREAM.  I find this fear ridiculous.

    Our Lolita world will not be destroyed if more people gain interest in the fashion. For those of you worried about more "itas" walking around, how well did you dress when you tried on your first fashion? I wince to look at pictures of myself in my first Lolita outfit, not a bad attempt but not true Lolita. As for the fear of posers, how can we know someone's true intentions by a glance? It's like seeing a Goth who happens to be hanging out at the mall and labeling them a mall Goth immediately, especially when they shop at Hot Topic. What a crime, actually finding good clothes and accessories at the mall. I came across this link today through a list of Lolita tutorials, it's a very old thread but it still made me angry. To think we should have the powers to pick and choose who is "worthy" of Lolita is laughably ridiculous. What are we becoming, Lolita hipsters?

    If Lolita became "mainstream", I think that would be a good thing. As it is, anyone who wishes to join the fashion has the freedom to do so, so why would we want to start limiting that freedom if it became more popular? Because it would be less unique? Ladies, think about it. We're already wearing a fashion that lots of other people in other countries are wearing. It's not that unique, and honestly I'm going to be a bit blunt here, if you're only wearing the fashion to be "different" from the mainstream ( by wearing a fashion that other people are already wearing, hmmm... not that different after all. ) then I don't see that as a very good reason to wear Lolita at all.

    If Lolita became mainstream, it would be more widely available. A lot of Lolitas budgets would be thankful for that, I know mine would, and a lot more people would be introduced to this wonderful fashion that we already know and love. What would be so wrong with that? We've already found happiness with this fashion, why keep that happiness all to ourselves? Not to mention you could walk down the street in Lolita and get a lot less odd stares.

    There might be a lot more "itas" walking around, but you know, that's what the internet is for. They'd be bound to see all the different Lolita guides and tutorials here and even if they didn't follow them, would the rise of itas really make the true Lolitas go into hiding or something? I doubt it. We don't want people to judge us unfairly for what we wear, why do the same thing to someone else?

    So now I've put my two cents in about that. And I'm wondering how a hipster Lolita coordinate would look...


    Bodyline Soft Cream Skirt Review

    Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been waiting for my skirt to get here! It's Bodyline's Soft Cream skirt in blue.

    Excuse the first two pics, it had just arrived when I was on my way somewhere so I took a couple of pictures in the car before I rather impatiently ripped the package open to get to my skirt.

    I have to say, I'm hesitant to order from AIR shipping again. The package thankfully arrived okay, but it was stuffed in my mailbox and it had a couple rips in it, plus they wouldn't update the tracking thing to let me know where my package was so I didn't even know if it was going to get here at all which really frustrated me. I think I might just spare the extra money and order from EMS next time...

    I love Bodyline's packaging. <3 So the skirt inside was perfectly fine, and it came with a little bow as usual which I completely forgot to take pictures of. ( But it was fine too. ) Sorry about that!

    Here is the skirt after it was brought home and ironed, and here are some close up shots of the skirt and the waist ties for details.

    I absolutely love the print and the lace is definitely better than Bodyline's usual lace quality. I am extremely pleased with this skirt but the shipping is a different story.

    So that's my review and I hope you enjoyed it!