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Bodyline Review

My order arrived and I am so happy! I recently had the chance to buy some things my wardrobe desperately needed, and now I have the feeling I will be able to wear Lolita far more often! The only problem I have, besides the heat, is the fact that...well...I don't know how to iron my clothes. Nor do I really want to. To make things easier, I'm considering purchasing a steamer to steam out the wrinkles in my clothes, if I do I will be sure to blog about it and let ya'll know how well it works! :)

So, onto the review! First, the things I disliked. I'm pretty much satisfied with everything ( except for the AIR shipping, but you all know how much I hate it. ^_^" ) but there were just a couple of things I didn't like so much.

I got two cutsews, one I was thrilled with, but the other I was a bit disappointed in. It was cheaper and I didn't expect it to be as good quality, but it did surprise me in a couple things.

The color in this cutsew was different than what I expected. Though, I've learned that when it comes to Bodyline's pink colored things, some of them aren't always as they appear in the photos, so it wasn't too surprising. It will still go with the things I have so I'm not all too disappointed though, but another thing that bothered me was the lace around the armholes is very scratchy and irritating. One of the reasons I wanted cutsews was because my blouses have the same problem and I thought it would be more comfortable, but this one isn't more comfortable by much.
But other than that, it is pretty cute, especially the ruffles at the bottom.

Overall, I love these bloomers! They're adorable and the polka dots are just too cute! I did think they'd be a bit longer though, but that's not too much of a problem. The lace isn't that great, but it doesn't bother me when I wear them.

Now onto the things I loved!

I am in love with this cutsew!! Sorry that my pics aren't that great, btw... anyway, this cutsew is so soft and has no itchy lace around the armholes! The armholes don't have elastic though, so if you have big arms it might be tight or hard to get on, but thankfully it's not really a problem for me. It's extremely comfortable and beautiful, definitely my best Lolita top! I want another one in white and one in pink, perhaps even one in blue! It's probably Bodyline's most expensive cutsew, but DEFINITELY worth the money. :)

I got this bag even though I don't have the skirt or dress in this print because it's just plain adorable and it will go with pretty much all of my Lolita clothes. I was in desperate need of a good Lolita bag, and this one seems tough enough to handle my abuse! XD Oh, and about the Bunny Bear, I tied it onto my bag and was too lazy to take it off for the photo, ha ha.

These shoes are a bit plain, but still very beautiful. The main reason I got them is because they are white and I really needed some white shoes with little heels that would go with all of my outfits. I read some reviews of these before I purchased them and some Lolitas have said that the strap was too tight on them and that they should have gotten a bigger size, I got them in my size as it was the biggest size available anyway and they seem to fit perfectly, except that the left shoe has a little part that rubs up against my feet badly. I think it's as easily solved as putting something over the little part that sticks out ( where the seam is ) like a little piece of duct tape or something though, hopefully anyway.

And last but not least, my new skirt!

This skirt is perfect for OTT and non-OTT Sweet Lolita, which is one reason I got it! It's got an adorable carousel print that I just love, it's definitely one of my favorite pieces. The lace at the bottom is the same as my Soft Cream Skirt, but it's a bit more stiff, I'm hoping it will soften up once I wash it.

And there's my review, I hope it helped! If you have a question about anything I purchased, leave a comment and I will answer it. ( I'm FINALLY able to comment again! )

- Amelia Jane



I'm so sorry I've been neglecting this blog ( and my poor followers )!! TnT
To tell the truth, my mom has recently been diagnosed with cancer so my life has been extremely hectic lately. I'll try to keep up with this blog, but I don't know how much I can do. :/

But anyway, my order finally arrived! I still loathe AIR shipping but at least they sent me a tracker this time! Though it never did tell me that my package arrived. -_- And then the UPS guys stuck a note in  my mailbox instead of ringing my doorbell and giving me my package, so I had to go to the Post Office and pick it up myself. Thanks. -end of mini rant-

 I'm a bit busy right now, but expect a review of everything soon! And I'll also try to work on the Newbie's Guide soon again... if I have any followers left, I'm so sorry! >_<"


The Newbie's Guide to Lolita Fashion: Part one - What is Lolita

If you're reading this, I'm going to assume two things: 1. You don't know much about Lolita fashion. 2. You want to know more.
Well you've come to the right place! This will be an easy to understand guide filled with everything a newbie should know.

First: What is Lolita fashion? Before we dive into this, I'd like to explain what it isn't -

Lolita is not a fetish, costume, age-play or anything else but a real fashion style. Some Lolitas like to live a Lolita Lifestyle ( Which I will explain in another part of this guide ) but that is not required to be a Lolita, nor is anything else such as a particular attitude required to be a Lolita - all you need is the clothing!
Lolita fashion also has nothing to do with the novel Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov. Here are some other misconceptions about Lolita fashion.

Now to explain what it is.

Lolita fashion is a subculture that began as a street fashion in Japan sometime in the 1980s, taking its inspirations from the Victorian era, the Rococo period and the look of Visual Kei bands. It has grown in popularity and evolved quite a lot since it first began and there are now Lolitas all over the world.

Since Lolita is a very unique fashion, there are a set of guidelines as to what is and isn't Lolita. Click here to see what exactly makes up a Lolita outfit. Though that is basically what a Lolita outfit is, there are many different types of Lolita, and while all of them are different they all share their similarities, mainly the poofy skirt or dress, a certain amount of elegance, femininity and Victorian/Rococo inspirations.

Those are the very basics about the fashion, the next part to this guide will be on How to Become a Lolita. In the meantime, here are some very informative places to go to learn even more about Lolita fashion!

Lolita fashion.org

Lolita fashion's Wikipedia page

The Lolita fashion Wiki

Lolita Handbook


Update/Rori shopping plan for June

I'm back from my "vacation"! :D So, I might order some new Lolita stuff soon. I need cutsews and a pair of white or offwhite shoes so if anyone knows where you can buy those cheap from places other than Bodyline, please let me know! I also have my eye on a bonnet I might buy, so when I do order those I will definitely post reviews for all of them. And don't be surprised if I go sock hunting again or randomly buy a bunch of accessories.

This month I am starting something new that I will call The Newbie's Guide to Lolita Fashion. I'm going to break it down into different parts and try to include everything a newbie should know before jumping into the frills, I have a good idea on what I want to do with it but if you have suggestions on what you think should be included I am more than happy to hear them in the comments! ( Once again, I do read all the comments, but my stupid computer still won't let me post any for some reason. )
I'll try to start later this week and then post one part every week until it's finished. :)

- Amelia Jane


Taking a bit of a vacation.

A lot has been going on in my life lately and basically I need a bit of a vacation from this blog. I'm obviously a bit late in saying this because I've already stopped posting lately, ha, but I will begin posting again in June so I'm just taking this month off.

- Amelia Jane


Bodyline Poodle Puppies Heart Apron JSK

I have no idea what the real title of this dress actually is or if it even has one, but that's what I'm calling it even if it is a mouthful.

Anyway, onto the review!

Although I will probably have to use AIR shipping again, I can definitely see why it's so cheap. Last time I ordered something from Bodyline, I ordered using AIR shipping because of the great deal, and while I wouldn't go back and change that decision it did cause a lot of frustration. For one thing my package arrived with rips on the outside bag, luckily it didn't damage what was inside whatsoever but if something had happened I doubt it would've protected my order whatsoever. Second, I had no idea where my order was  most of the time. I'm not entirely sure who was to blame for that, Bodyline or the shipping company, but after I contacted Bodyline they simply told me I'd have to wait a couple more weeks for my order and thankfully it did arrive.

This time was even worse! The package arrived with two, bigger rips that went completely through the outside packaging, my dress was okay but it felt slightly damp ( not sure if that was just the temperature or it actually was damp ) luckily however I checked it out and it didn't have any mold. This time I wasn't even sent any tracking information after I had placed my order for the dress, I emailed Bodyline about four times and they never responded! I was worried if my dress was even coming. I ordered it on the 28th of April and just recieved it today. Waiting wouldn't be so hard if I simply knew where my dress was, so I am not at all happy with AIR shipping. If I could spare the extra money, trust me, I wouldn't bother with them again.

Here are the rips that were on the outside of the package.

Thankfully the dress was undamaged.

Here it is, straight out of the packaging! Above is the front and below is the back.

I am pretty pleased with this dress, the print is VERY adorable, there is a cute heart pocket in the front and I love the design of the dress! The lace isn't bad either, it's not great but it's not bad. Especially the lace at the bottom of the dress.

Here is the lace at the bottom of the dress - 

And here is the lace around the heart pocket, which is the same as the lace at the top of the dress.

The top of the dress was a bit smaller than I'd thought it would be, but I've never had this type of JSK before. The straps are crossed as you can see in the above and below pictures, the bottom parts can be detached and there is also another button hole to make the straps shorter ( I think ), which I thought was pretty convenient.

Here are some close ups of the adorable print!

I think I should make these into my new background... anyway, here's the weird bow thing that came with the dress that I have no idea what to do with. :P

So overall I'd say I really like the dress but am extremely displeased with both Bodyline for the lack of communication with their customers and AIR shipping for pretty much sucking.

- Amelia Jane



It feels like I haven't been posting a lot lately ( well, I probably haven't ) and I'm sorry for that. I'm still waiting for my dress to arrive from Bodyline which STILL hasn't given me my shipping information yet even though I paid for the dress last month. I will post a review as soon as it arrives, if it arrives.
I'm also working on creating a specific style of Lolita that might be a bit hard to pull off, I'm not sure how to start but I have a wonderful inspiration on where I want to go with it. If I knew how to sew it would be easier...
I'm not going to say much about the style yet aside from the fact that I already know some Lolitas might have a problem with it even though it's not breaking any rules whatsoever, and all I have to say about that is that I don't give a flying banana. :P

Also, next time I buy something it probably won't be from Bodyline for a couple of reasons. 1. I always buy from Bodyline, I want something different next time, as long as it's still affordable. 2. I'm growing tired of their lack of communication, I have a right to know where my order is since I'm the one paying for it. That's not to say I won't ever buy from them again, I just want to buy somewhere else next time.
I might look into some online fairy kei stores for the summer, if anyone knows of any good ( cheap ) ones, please let me know in the comments!

I  also might stop procrastinating and actually change the look of this blog this summer since it desperately needs it if I can ever find something I really like. 

- Amelia Jane


Finding Lolita Inspiration

( I JUST realized I hadn't made a single post yet this month. So sorry! I also apologize for this post not being about Mothers Day and for the fact that I still cannot post comments. I do read all of the comments and appreciate them, I just can't write back, sorry! )

 Ever feel bored with Lolita fashion? Before you post a "Leaving Lolita" sale on the sales comm, read through these tips to make sure you aren't just in need of a little Loli inspiration!

Watch Lolita Youtube videos

Here is a link to a playlist of Lolita videos I like to watch and take inspiration from, there are lots of Loli videos on Youtube and they are great for getting new ideas. You could come up with a new coordinate just by seeing someone else's, or feel like wearing your frills again when you see someone else having fun in theirs!

Look at some Lolita Tumblers

Little Lolita Moments, Lolita memes and You Know You're a Lolita When are only a few of the many Lolita Tumblers out there. Not only will you get a little laugh, you might just remember why you got into the fashion in the first place. Just looking at some of the Lolitas on Tumblr is also a wonderful inspiration, so many beautiful coordinates! 

Get some new clothes

 You might just be bored with wearing the same things. You don't have to purchase anything expensive, there are dresses from Bodyline for just 41 dollars ( and that's including shipping! ) and plenty of accessories just waiting for you at the mall. Just looking through a website that sells Lolita things can inspire you!

Give yourself a break

Maybe all you need is a little break from the fashion and subculture. That's perfectly fine, no one says you have to be a Lolita 24/7! 


Perhaps you're sick of seeing the same old styles of Lolita. If so, why not try creating your own? Don't be afraid to experiment! Play with your clothes, see what works and looks good together, then wear it! Lolita fashion itself wouldn't be here if the ones who came up with it were afraid of wearing something new.

Make a list of what you love about Lolita

Make a list of your favorite parts of Lolita fashion. It could be anything - rose prints on classic dresses, Mary Jane shoes, a particular color or fabric you love, anything. Once you have that list, you know what you love the most and you might just have your inspiration for a coordinate! 

If you still end up feeling like you don't want to wear Lolita anymore, don't feel bad about it. Sometimes people change their styles and there is nothing wrong with that, but for your own sake, don't give up all of your Lolita clothes! You probably worked hard to get them and if you ever want to return to the fashion you don't want to have to start from scratch all over again! At least keep your favorite dress or skirt, one pair of shoes ( ones in white or black that will go with a lot, or your favorite pair ), one pair of bloomers, a white blouse and at least one petticoat if not two.


More changes

We all know that life changes and sometimes it takes a completely different turn than you expected. No, I am definitely not quitting Lolita, but my life is changing and I thought I should make it clear because this blog will probably change too.

First of all, summer is coming. And I live in Texas. So yeah, it's going to get very, very hot, very soon. Which means from now on I either have to wear pretty casual Loli coordinates ( Which never seems to work out for me because somehow they all end up not so casual... ) or just dressing cute. Therefore I will still continue buying Lolita, but I will probably also try out some cooler ( in a literal sense! ) fashions such as fairy kei or just my own cute kind of style. So don't be surprised if I make a post that has nothing to do with Lolita fashion, but some other sort of fashion instead. I probably won't do that often as I still love Lolita the most, but I might do it sometimes.

Second, I start a tumbling class tomorrow ( a type of gymnastics ) and not only will that take up a lot of my time, it takes up a lot of my money too. The rest of my money ( besides tithe ) will usually be devoted to purchasing more clothing, speaking of which I have just ordered an adorable new dress and whenever it gets here I will definitely be doing a review! I'll probably also have to learn to sew to add more clothes to my Lolita wardrobe because of my lack of money, but oh well. :)


Finding the time for Lolita

If you're like me, then a lot of your daily activities require more practical clothing than the frills and poof that make up Lolita fashion. Exercising, chores and sometimes even shopping cannot be done while wearing Lolita. What's a Rufflebutt to do? When can one ever find the time to feel like a princess in such a busy world?

Hopefully this will help.

Tone it down a little...or a lot.

Casual Lolita or simply wearing a nice blouse with a good pair of jeans are better than no Rori at all and can still make you feel cute. Add some adorable accessories if your time and activities will allow them, even just a cute necklace with otherwise normal clothing can make your day a little brighter.

Paint your nails

Paint them, decorate them or just put on fake nails. This simple touch ( hopefully ) won't be too time consuming and will make any outfit, no matter how casual, cuter.

Wear Lolita when you go shopping or to church

It may seem silly to get all dressed up just to go shopping or to wear something like Lolita to church, but I must admit that I enjoy doing these things. If you don't feel comfortable in full out Lolita, you could always tone it down or just wear some cute accessories instead. Depending on what church you might attend, it might not be accepted as much as it should be ( especially Gothic Lolita, unfortunately, with the stereotypes surrounding Goth ) but you really should think about trying it out. I wear Lolita very frequently to church or at least something cute and I always get kind reactions to it and I hope it works out that well for you too! It will also make you look forward to each coming Sunday and being able to wear your frills out.

Wear a nightgown to bed

If you can't find the time to wear Lolita during the day, you can still wear something frilly and beautiful at night, even if it's just to bed.

Plan when to wear Lolita

 If all else fails, just make some space in your schedule to wear Lolita for a day. You could plan to go out for a  nice walk at the park, or you could just stay at home and rest in your favorite dress. 

What is most important to remember is that you don't have to wear Lolita all the time, so don't feel bad if you don't have time to wear it today or even just don't feel like it. Just have fun when you do have the time to wear it!


Five Loli things to do when you're bored

Feeling bored? Are you in a ladylike mood but don't have a clue what to do? Whether you're a Lifestyle Lolita or not, here's some fun ideas!

1. Play dress up

What's the fun in having a wardrobe full of cute clothes if you can never play around with them?  Create a crazy new style, pretend it's Halloween and dress up as a character, or just have fun wearing what you love. Or if you don't feel like getting all dolled up, why not dress up a real or virtual doll instead?  Or maybe even a pet!

2. Do something creative

Crotchet, knit, embroider, do some crafts, practice calligraphy, write a poem or a short story, sew up something beautiful, deco something, paint, draw, sing, cook, anything! You could even get creative with your makeup, think of your face as a canvas and create a work of art. 

3. Listen to music

Classical music, Japanese music or any music that may remind you of Lolita fashion and make you feel like a princess will do. While your listening to that, start dancing! 

4. Redocorate your room to reflect your personal style

You don't have to have a Loli bedroom to be a Lolita of course, but it could definitely be fun!

5. Go outside in your frills

Go to the park and have a picnic with friends or just go for a walk around your neighborhood. Remember to bring a parasol!


Casual Guro Lolita?

Guro Lolita is a somewhat rare sub-style of Lolita, usually used as a costume for Halloween, at an anime convention or worn for a photo shoot. I have yet to hear of a Lolita who wears Guro Lolita on a regular or daily basis.

( Above and below images from HelloLace )

This unique style certainly does look like somewhat like a costume ( one could argue that Lolita fashion itself can look like a costume to someone who doesn't know anything about it, but anyway... ) and might not be the most practical thing to wear regularly, but could it be made to be a bit more suitable for your everyday life? Well, let's find out!

The fake blood is the first thing that not only makes this style look somewhat costume-like, but perhaps a bit scary to strangers and younger children especially. It is usually a big thing of what makes Guro Lolita, well, Guro Lolita, but no one says you need a lot of it or even any fake blood at all. Eyepatches, bandages, band-aids and other such accessories will still keep with the broken doll look and will be a little less scary.

White is the usual color for Guro Lolita, but it isn't the only color you can wear. A deep red might look nice if you want to go for the style but spare the fake blood, or why not try mixing styles to create something like Gothic Guro Lolita? Practice mixing and matching until you find something that works, it's more fun that way!

Though eyepatches and arm slings may look great with your co-ordinate, they can get in the way of everyday life. Try to choose accessories that won't impair your movements!

The point of Guro Lolita is usually to look like a broken or injured doll, a good way to do that is to carry around something like a teddy bear. Some Lolitas don't like doing this as they feel it's too childish and that's fine, but if you want to, then a stuffed animal purse is a good accessory as it's both functional and stylish! You could dress it up a bit to match the Guro Lolita style, putting bandages on it and such.

Have fun experimenting everyone!  :) 


I Dare You

To use a term from Elementary school, I double-dog-dare you to be creative with your Lolita style.

I love the styles we already have, Classic, Gothic, Sweet, Kuro, Guro, you name it. Lolita has a style for every girl. Or is that so? It's true that Lolita fashion is very varied, but it's also true that it could be more varied. Lolita has some very unique styles, which is why it surprises me that sometimes when someone wants to try something new with the style, their ideas are shot down. "No, that could never work with Lolita, don't even bother trying it!" I'm sure this is what some people thought of Punk Lolita before it gained popularity.

So, I dare you to make your own style. I'm not saying you shouldn't wear what's already been invented of course, but why not be creative? You don't have to get it perfect the first time, you don't even have to post pictures of it online, just do it for you.

Or instead of creating your own style, why not wear one you've never tried before because you've been too afraid? If you love Sweet Lolita but are past your 20's, why not try it on anyway? Even if you aren't Asian, who says you can't wear Wa Loli? Even if someone has said you can't wear it, who cares?

My point is, if we shouldn't care about what other people think about how we dress, shouldn't that include other Lolitas? Of course you should listen to constructive criticism, but at the end of the day, how you dress is up to you. Not even other Lolitas have the right to tell you "No, you can't wear that.".


Trip to an Anime Convention

Yesterday, perhaps one of the busiest days of my life so far, was my first trip to an anime convention. I was nervous, excited and all dolled up! A couple shots of my outfit.

 I just now notice that the bow on the cupcake was a bit sideways, of course. And don't ask what happened to these gloves, but I wasn't wearing them later and never will again.

I LOVE these socks!!

I was able to attend some Lolita panels as well as one Steampunk panel before I began to feel horrible for multiple reasons ( I think I'm getting sick... ) and had to go home. I still had a wonderful time though, and was able to purchase a few things with what little money I had!

 The first thing I bought was this adorable little Bunny Bear...thing. It was just so cute I couldn't resist... ^_^"
I have to say though, with all the good things I've heard about brand, what I saw at the Baby the Stars Shine Bright stall was pretty...disappointing. There were beautiful things, don't get me wrong, but, well... I felt one skirt and I was absolutely shocked with how thin it was. The Bodyline skirt that I was wearing was softer and thicker than that! And the lace on the bunny bear I bought, both the lace around the neck and the head, was somewhat scratchy. I still love what I bought, but I was very disappointed in it's quality. Still, I did see some beautiful things there that did seem to be of much better quality than the skirt or the bear, and I wish I'd of had a lot more money to spend! :) The socks looked particularly nice!

Then I bought a cupcake necklace, a cupcake ring and a cute little poptart ring! I love the necklace the most, it's friggin adorable.

I also got to meet some other Lolitas there, they were very sweet and I'm so glad I got to go!


Ten Tips on How to be a Lolita

I thought I'd give a few tips on how to be a good Lolita! So you can go ahead and read them, or just watch this video!

1. Always match your style with your attitude

If you're a Sweet Lolita, make sure to act super sweet and nice all the time! If you're a Classic Lolita, never raise your voice and always have proper manners. If you're a Gothic Lolita, be mysterious and moody. 

2. Wear as much lace as physically possible

Sure, the silhouette is important in Lolita, but not nearly as important as lace! This picture is a good example of how much lace you should wear at once, or more if possible.

3. Only listen to Classical music.

Lolita fashion is based on the past, so if you are a true Lolita, your head has to be in the past too!

4. Always wear bloomers

It doesn't matter what you're wearing or doing, always wear bloomers. Wear them under your pants, wear them in the shower, never be caught without them!

5. Have a strict diet of cupcakes and lollipops

Because if you don't have diabetes, how can you call yourself a Lolita?

6. If you can walk through a doorway, you aren't wearing enough petticoats

Scratch that, there is no such thing as "enough" petticoats.

7. Every inch of skin except your hands and head must be covered. 

Doesn't matter how hot it is outside, going without a blouse is unacceptable!

8. Lolify all the things!

Lolify everything from your toothpaste to your car, everything must be SUPER KAWAII!!!

9.  All of your money must go directly into your Lolita fund

Who needs food when you can look cute?!

10. Don't take any of these tips seriously. ( Except for this one. )

Because this is an April Fools joke, if you haven't figured that out already. Happy April Fools day everyone!


Some Amazing Finds ( Sock Hunting Part 2 )

I only managed to find one pair of socks this time, but I was amazed at what else I found!

Here are the socks that I bought at Target, I heard about them from a post on EGL and had to get them. <3

But before I went to Target, I went to Claires at the mall and was pretty surprised to see these!

Not only a pair of wrist cuffs ( which I found the most surprising ) but a mini top hat as well! There was also a white pair of wrist cuffs but I decided to get the black pair since the white had a flower thing I didn't like. I always knew that Claires was Lolita friendly but this is amazing! Thoughts?


Tips on Looking Like a Doll

There are a lot of different looks you can go for while wearing Lolita. You could wish to look like a princess, a Victorian, or of course - a doll. Here are some tips that should help you achieve the look of a cute little doll!

 Beauty tips
  • Use fake eyelashes and eyeliner, if you can then also use circle lenses, try to make your eyes look as big as possible.
  • Try to make your skin look flawless. Use concealer for any blemishes and for dark circles under your eyes and use foundation if you need it.
  • Having pale skin does help the porcelain look, but don't worry about it if you don't have pale skin. If you do and wish to keep it that way, use plenty of sunscreen and carry a parasol to keep the sun off of your face!
  • Use some light pink blush for your cheeks - use too much blush and you'll end up looking more like a clown than a doll.
  •  For your hair try having nice straight bangs and curls at the ends of your hair or buy a wig in that style. Pigtails with curls also will add to the look.
  • Keep your nails trimmed properly. A french manicure or just some clear nail polish is always great.

Style tips

  • Wear bonnets! These accessories are, in my opinion, even more doll-like than wearing headbows. You can find one to match your Lolita style or make one to match your Lolita style.
  • Try Classic or Sweet Lolita. While all styles of Lolita have their doll-like qualities, in my opinion these two have the most. 
  • For shoes, Mary Janes are the best! Wear them with knee-high socks with lace.
  • For Classic Lolitas, big fancy Lolita hats, especially ones with roses, work wonderfully for a doll look.


An Award

Pastel Panda was kind enough to award this ^ to me! If you're reading this, thank you! I'd leave a comment to thank you but for some reason I'm having trouble commenting with my Google account again. As soon as I find a way to get that fixed, if I'm able to, I'll award fifteen other bloggers! :)


Sock Hunting Part 1

My Lolita sock collection is, well, not quite as big as I'd like it to be. I went out "sock hunting" recently in search of some cute socks to work with my Lolita outfit and did manage to find some! I'll tell you right now, I can be pretty darn picky about finding things to work in with my Lolita co-ordinates, so that makes shopping for Lolita clothing
(especially in normal stores ) tricky sometimes, which explains why I didn't get many socks this last shopping trip. But this is only the beginning of my great sock-hunt! After all, to wear Lolita daily you need a great many pairs of socks! :)

Okay, so the left pair of socks in the top picture probably won't work into a lot of Lolita co-ordinates, but they were so cute! The red you see in them is actually a pastel pink but the picture didn't turn out that way for some reason... anyway, the pink bunny socks are so incredibly cute I could've died when I saw them. I desperately need a bunny-themed dress to wear with them!
As for the last pair of socks, they're just a plain pair of knee-highs and I actually have the same pair already, but you might be surprised how much a pair of white knee-high socks come in handy!

I'll continue shopping for socks as soon as possible, with spring coming up it should be no problem finding socks to go with Sweet Lolita!


How to be Original in Lolita

So, you'd like to add a dash of your own personality and uniqueness to your Lolita coordinates? Fantastic! Here's some tips to help you do it.


  • Keep a Lolita silhouette.
  • Make sure your colors match.
  • Make sure everything else matches, too. 
  • Try not to get too crazy, originality is great but you still want your co-ordinate to be easily recognizable as being Lolita.
  • Plenty of research. Gain as much knowledge about Lolita fashion as possible and it will be even easier to create your own style. 
  • Keep in mind that some Lolitas may dislike your co-ordinate and be open to positive criticism. 
  • Try to make your outfit look as nice as possible, put effort into it. Laziness just doesn't look good.


  • Try to be completely unique and original. There is a certain point at which breaking too many of the "rules" makes your outfit just not Lolita anymore. It's okay to break one or two as long as you still keep the Lolita silhouette. 
  • Try to be unique with your first Lolita outfit. You wouldn't try to create your own recipe while you have little cooking experience and barely any ingredients, would you? Same here, chances are if you have only just gotten your first Lolita outfit, you don't have the means or the experience to make it "original". Get the hang of it first and wait until you have more clothes to experiment with. 
  • Break all the rules for the sake of breaking all the rules. Understand that they are only there to keep Lolita fashion being the fashion that it is instead of turning into something else. 


A Secret World

 Some girls wear Lolita as a form of escapism, and I guess to a certain extent I do too. I'm still fully aware of reality of course, but... I'm also in my own secret world. A beautiful one. When you look at someone who is wearing Lolita, at least when I do, it looks almost as though they've stepped out of a fairytale land into our reality, doesn't it? I guess maybe that's one of the reasons we love Lolita so much.
Just a thought.


Small update and notice

Hello everyone! Just wanted to let all of you know that I'll be deleting some old blog posts soon that I don't believe benefit this blog whatsoever, and that I should have some more posts soon. Sorry I haven't blogged as much as I should lately, life has been pretty busy! I have a meet up soon, I've had doctor visits lately, I have to get my cat vaccinated, ect. So yes, my life is pretty busy right now but pretty much a good way!


More ignorance in the media

As if Lolitas hadn't been portrayed badly enough in the past, now someone is actually making a movie called "Are all men pedophiles?" and using a picture of a Lolita as their promotional poster. Please excuse me while I facepalm. There is a petition against this if you'd like to sign it, here.


Humans are cowards in the face of happiness

"Humans are cowards in the face of happiness." I heard this quote from the movie Kamikaze Girls and at first I didn't believe it to be true. Who would be afraid of happiness? But then I thought about it, and it is true sometimes. Sometimes we're too afraid of what other people will think of us to do, wear, think ect. what we truly want. On the topic of wearing what we truly want, some people consider that selfish. Lolita clothing isn't exactly cheap ( even only buying replicas or Bodyline adds up ) especially if you want an entire wardrobe to wear everyday, so they say it's selfish to spend so much on yourself ( usually adding the whole "people are starving in Africa" argument or something similar to it ). Is it selfish to love yourself? These same people probably buy decorations for their home, beauty products, jewelry or other beautiful things that are not necessary when that money could've been spent on those less fortunate than they. Am I saying that's wrong? Not at all. Hypocritical yes, wrong, no. My point is, I don't consider Lolita fashion or any sort of fashion selfish in and of itself whatsoever. Selfishness is putting yourself ahead of others, not loving and expressing who you are.The sad thing is, I've seen some girls turn away from the fashion because even though they loved it, they thought it was selfish to spend so much on themselves.
I guess sometimes, sadly, we are cowards in the face of happiness after all.

Of course, Kamikaze Girls isn't exactly the best representation of the fact that Lolita fashion is not selfish, but it's a good movie nonetheless.


The Rise of OTT Classic

As OTT Sweet goes down in popularity, it seems to me like OTT Classic Lolita is rising in it! Me being a fan of the over-the-top, even though I'd prefer OTT Sweet I still am intrigued by OTT Classic and hope to be seeing more of it in the future. However, how is one to pull off such a style? I've recently stumbled across this genius little guide that should help to answer that question.

Next, I want to see OTT everything else, especially OTT Gothic Lolita! 
So, what do you think of OTT Classic? Love it, hate it? Do you think it won't catch on or do you think it will become the next OTT Sweet?


An end to OTT Sweet?

It seems like lately, Lolitas are less and less fond of this style. Some are even wishing that brands like Angelic Pretty would release more toned down dresses. Personally, I adore OTT Sweet, it's definitely the style I'm going for, but I don't think it's as popular as it used to be. To me, OTT Sweet is a very bold style that takes guts to wear, and besides that it's extremely cute.

What's your opinion, do you think it's popularity is decreasing? Do you think we'll see an end to OTT Sweet, and would you miss it if it slipped into non-existence?


Censoring the Internet

I'm making this completely non-fashion related blog post because today a lot of websites such as Wikipedia and Google are spreading the word about SOPA and PIPA, the two bills which might just bring on internet censorship for the USA and I figured that although I can't reach nearly as many people I should still say something about it as this is going to affect everyone who uses the internet.

If you don't know what SOPA and PIPA are, please educate yourself about them! Free speech is a right that every single human being should have, it's bad enough that countries like China don't have it but now it could be taken away from Americans as well. Don't let that happen!


Lolita Essentials

I love buying jumperskirts. I love it perhaps even more than buying any other types of Lolita clothing! However, there is more to Lolita than just the dress. 
I admit that saving up for the basics takes time, money and even more patience, but it will definitely be worth it. But what exactly should you be saving up for? Well, to answer that question, here is a list of what will make up the very foundation of your Lolita wardrobe in no particular order.


Having a good, quality petticoat or two from the beginning will save you a lot of trouble in the end, trust me. A good petticoat that matches the style you will most often wear is best, bell-shape is perfect for most styles of Lolita and especially Sweet but some Classic dresses would work best with an A-line petticoat. Where to buy a good, quality petticoat that isn't too costly? I myself haven't bought it, personally I've recieved my petticoats from my awesome grandmother, but I've heard nothing but good things about this one in particular, and it doesn't deflate!

 A White Blouse with Detachable Sleeves

As I've said before, starting out with a white blouse is definitely best. White blouses go with just about everything and it will save you money in the long run.


And lots of them! You can find a nice pair of plain white or black socks that will coordinate easily just by taking a trip to the mall. If you find some in cute colors that will match things you already own and/or plan to buy, then that's good as well. I'd recommend getting both knee-high socks as well as ankle socks for when the weather changes.

A Simple Hair Accessory 

This may not seem like a very important item, but personally I think an outfit looks incomplete without it! There are many things you can choose from, headdresses, bonnets, bows, ect. but whatever you choose, choose it in a color that you are sure to wear often such as white, offwhite, pink or black, to match your wardrobe. 


Black or white shoes with no heels, I can't stress this enough. Heels will kill your feet when you walk anywhere and black or white shoes are very easy to coordinate with.

A Purse 

A purse that matches your wardrobe, not just one dress. I say this because it will save you a ton of money in the end, a cute and simple purse that matches most of the items you own will serve you well. I wouldn't choose one too expensive however, it's bound to get a bit beat up from wear ( or at least mine do ).  

Something to Keep You Warm

I don't live in a very cold place ( for instance, it's winter and outside it feels like summer right now. ) so a simple cardigan is usually enough to keep me warm. Depending on where you live, you may need a coat or a jacket, ect. so getting one will definitely come in handy. 

A Parasol

Waterproof parasols shield you from the sun and protect you from the rain all while keeping you looking adorable! 

Jumperskirts or Skirts

I have to mention these of course! Jumperskirts and Skirts are generally better than OPs when just starting out since they can make a lot more coordinates and are usually less expensive. At first you should probably just stick to one main color, pink for example ( It's the main color of my wardrobe, ha ha. ), so that you won't be constantly having to buy new accessories and clothing in a color that matches. 

I know I mentioned color a lot in this, but hey, it's pretty important when it comes to a coordinate!