A Three-in-one Blog Post!

First of all, Happy New Year everyone! Second, here are the Lolita clothes I got for Christmas this year! :D

I also recieved another jumperskirt but I couldn't take a very good picture of it, and two pairs of lace gloves - one pair in white and one pair in black. I got other non-Lolita things as well, long story short I loved everything!

Lastly, I am thinking of introducing something new to my blog this year called Week of Lolita. What this will be, is for one week ( Maybe one week a month, maybe one week a year, or maybe frequently, I'm not sure yet. ) I will take pictures of the Lolita coordinate that I plan to wear that day and then say what experiences I had while wearing it. I hope this will help newer Lolitas to see what it's like in the life of someone who wears the fashion frequently, and hopefully even answer some things they may be wondering or calm some fears about wearing it out in public once they see it really isn't so hard after all! Feel free to tell me what you think of this idea.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?


Bullying and the Lolita Community

I'm sure you've all heard of the Lolita hate "communities" out there. You know, where you can go and either anonymously bully other Lolitas back into submission, or gang up on them and do it all together. Hmmm...cowardly much? Then again, that's what bullies are, cowards.
I'm sick and tired of all the immature hatred that is going around, and I'm just going to be completely frank about it.

First of all, if you've ever been bullied by other Lolitas ( Or anyone for that matter ), don't worry about it. Everyone has made mistakes, INCLUDING those who have the nerve to bully others for making mistakes, and no one has the right to tell anyone else they aren't worthy of being a Lolita because of it. Don't let their "lolier than thou" attitude get to you and don't be afraid to try new things, at the end of the day your opinions matter just as much as theirs.

Second, if you yourself have a problem with another Lolita, just talk to THEM about it. There is no need to publicly humiliate them, it won't make the situation better and it certainly won't make you feel any better. It's not wrong to disagree with someone else or dislike something that they said or did, but bullying is wrong. You never know who might be struggling in real life - regardless of what they've done no one deserves to be bullied and hated, especially for things as trivial as a fashion and the internet.

Third, I'm not trying to pretend to be perfect myself, it's not as though I've never said a cruel word to someone else, but I've regretted it and so will anyone else who does the same thing. Sooner or later, you will regret it, and they will resent you for it. It won't get you anywhere either, would you listen to someone who humiliated and criticized you harshly? No, you wouldn't. There's a reason people are willingly to accept constructive criticism and not harsh criticism. If you want to tell someone that you feel they have done something wrong, do it nicely and you will get a million times farther than you would being hateful towards them.

And lastly, like I said, I'm not trying to pretend I myself am perfect. I don't wish to preach, I simply, like many others, wish for an end to the hatred of our own Lolita kind.

If you TL;DR - Practice what you learned in Kindergarten and treat others how you would like to be treated, because we've ALL made dumb mistakes.


Poupee Girl ♥

I just made a Poupee Girl account! I've added the widget to my blog so now you can see it on the left. I've always loved dress up games and dolls, and since Poupee Girl has Lolita clothes for your virtual doll, it's the perfect thing for me! I'm procrastinating on taking pictures of most of my clothes until after Christmas. lol


How Lolita Changed Me

I should have done this on International Lolita day, I'm sorry!

Anyway, I really think God has put Lolita fashion in  my life for a reason. This fashion has definitely changed me - for the better. Before I found Lolita fashion I dabbled in various other styles, I liked them but it still felt like a part of me, my style, was missing. Self expression through fashion is important to me, it always has been, but nothing really fit until the day I discovered Sweet Lolita. The fashions I'd tried out before are probably what gave me the confidence to try wearing Lolita, I was pretty much used to being given weird looks. The first time I tried on my first outfit ( the pictures of which I look at and cringe today ) I finally felt like this was me, this was what I was created to wear, I'd finally found my style! From that day forth, I never felt right wearing anything else. I was far more into vintage clothing as well, and now I pay more attention to the little details in my outfit than I ever did before. Lolita has made me more responsible as well, I started earning a bit of money doing chores for my parents and saved it up until I had enough to buy what I'd been saving up for. Before Lolita, I didn't really save my money at all, I just went out and shopped. Lolita has definitely taught me patience as well as hard work, it has raised my confidence and allowed me to overcome some things I didn't think I could. I'm very thankful for this fashion and also thankful for my family supporting me becoming a Lolita.

How has Lolita changed you?



My house is all decorated, I'm done Christmas shopping ( Unless I decide to spend some more next time I get some more money, which I probably will. ;) ) and all my gifts are all wrapped up. That's definitely a record for me!

I absolutely adore the Christmas season, it never fails to brighten up my mood no matter how the year has been going. The Christmas decorations around my house and in every store you go to, the beautiful songs like 'Carol of the bells', sitting around the fire with your family drinking cocoa, I love it all. But oddly enough the thing I'm looking forward to the most this year is all of the things I get to wear now that it's getting cold enough! Those of you from warmer places like I'm from can understand that, normally it's far to warm to wear anything more than the simplest Lolita that borders on casual, for me anyway. I'm really looking forward to wearing the ton of sweaters I got from my grandmother, as well as just about everything else I've been missing out on all year. I'm especially looking forward to whatever snow we might get!

So, what's your favorite thing about the holiday season?