How Lolita Changed Me

I should have done this on International Lolita day, I'm sorry!

Anyway, I really think God has put Lolita fashion in  my life for a reason. This fashion has definitely changed me - for the better. Before I found Lolita fashion I dabbled in various other styles, I liked them but it still felt like a part of me, my style, was missing. Self expression through fashion is important to me, it always has been, but nothing really fit until the day I discovered Sweet Lolita. The fashions I'd tried out before are probably what gave me the confidence to try wearing Lolita, I was pretty much used to being given weird looks. The first time I tried on my first outfit ( the pictures of which I look at and cringe today ) I finally felt like this was me, this was what I was created to wear, I'd finally found my style! From that day forth, I never felt right wearing anything else. I was far more into vintage clothing as well, and now I pay more attention to the little details in my outfit than I ever did before. Lolita has made me more responsible as well, I started earning a bit of money doing chores for my parents and saved it up until I had enough to buy what I'd been saving up for. Before Lolita, I didn't really save my money at all, I just went out and shopped. Lolita has definitely taught me patience as well as hard work, it has raised my confidence and allowed me to overcome some things I didn't think I could. I'm very thankful for this fashion and also thankful for my family supporting me becoming a Lolita.

How has Lolita changed you?


  1. Thats really cool!

    For me, lolita has definately made me more confident in myself! When i discovered lolita, it felt like i had suddenly discovered this missing part of myself. :]

    Also, sometimes you run into a person and they tell you that seeing you made their day, or just knowing you put a smile on their face is a really great feeling, and it makes me happy that indulging in one thing that makes me so incredibly happy has the power to make other people happy as well!

    Im all for spreading the good, and passing on the love to everyone. Idk i just feel sometimes thats why i was put on the earth. To make a difference in other peoples life. And even something as small as this is a good enough start for me :]

  2. I feel that way too, it's awesome that a fashion can do that, make both you and other people happy! :)


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