When is Lolita fashion inappropriate?

This is a question that has been asked many times by many different Lolitas.
There are many different answers, but here is my opinion on it.

When Lolita is inappropriate 

  • At work: Some Lolitas will claim that Lolita is ALWAYS inappropriate at work. I disagree, I believe it is only inappropriate at work if your boss doesn't allow it. If you ask to wear Lolita or a more toned down version of Lolita and your boss allows it, then of course you can wear it - but always get their permission first.
  • School: This just depends on your school rules and whether or not you can handle or want to handle wearing Lolita every day, as not only is it an attention grabbing fashion whether you intend it to be or not, but it can be hard wearing it all day every day too. Sometimes it just isn't the most comfortable fashion in the world.
  • Funerals: Unless the funeral is for a Lolita, I wouldn't wear Lolita to a funeral, and even if it was for a Lolita I would only consider wearing Gothic or Kuro Lolita if I were to wear it at all. Funerals are about remembering the person who died, just be respectful of that.
  • Family Reunions: This just depends on your family and where they are meeting at. I would just go for a more toned down Lolita style if you do decide that it's appropriate to wear. 

Those are the only things I can think of where it might not be appropriate to wear Lolita, but above all just use your common sense. For example, I'm sure that everyone knows Lolita is inappropriate in some situations just because of practicality - jeans and a t-shirt are more appropriate for volunteer work than Lolita fashion. It's really not that hard to determine where to wear Lolita and where not to wear it, but I hope this helps. :)

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    Straw hats

    Now as you probably all know by now, I'm mainly a Sweet Lolita. But, I do love a lot of the other kinds of Lolita also, such as Classic and Country, and thanks to my grandmother I have started a little collection of elegant straw hats.

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    Handmade bows

    I made these bows awhile ago and have been procrastinating on taking pictures of them and putting them on my blog ever since. So here you go! Just some cute little bows that I made. They're definitely not perfect but I have a very limited experience with sewing, so they aren't that bad either.

    I began making bows and then just putting them on head bands like most Lolita bows, if you're wondering why I put it to the side instead of in the middle, I just think that looks better on me.

    Here's a close up.

    Then I started making other bows and just attaching them to plain little metal hair barrettes you can get at any craft store.

    So yeah, I've been thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make these, they're really simple and they'd make a great accessory for any Lolita, especially a Lolita on a budget ( Like me. :) ) but I'm not to sure about it, so if you would like a tutorial on how to make these simple bows, just post a comment. If you have any constructive criticism please post that too. ^_^ Sorry for the crappy phone pics, btw.



    I'm back from my super-short hiatus! Ha, just a day later... *blush* I really thought I'd need more time to feel well enough to update  my blog after the emotional stress I've been under lately. Guess I bounce back pretty fast. o_o"

    Anyways, I want to talk about something that really, really bugs me.

    I really dislike it when people say "I love Lolita fashion, and I would wear it, but I live in ___. If I wanted to wear Lolita, I'd have to move to Japan!" Oh, really? Lolita is a growing fashion trend, more and more people know about it every day, and there are lots of Lolitas in countries other than Japan, and even in Japan, Lolitas are a minority. So if you feel that you can't wear Lolita because you don't live in Japan, let me ask you this - ...Who's stopping you? The answer is simple, ( Unless you happen to be under eighteen and your parents are stopping you, but I've covered this topic in the past and I might do that again in the future. ) you are the only one preventing yourself from wearing what you want to. No, it's not the person who might make fun of you, or glare at you, or laugh at you, it's you. I've said it before and I'll say it again, being a Lolita takes courage. Lots of Lolitas, absolutely no better than you are, wear Lolita regularly or perhaps even every day in places where it may not be socially accepted. They do not possess some sort of magical ability that allows them to wear the fashion without being stared at or mocked, they are people just like you. From my own experience, it's not nearly as bad as all the horror stories you might hear about Lolitas getting harassed, those are rare occurrences. Usually ( Again, from my own experiences. ) people will either simply stare, or actually go up to you and compliment you on what you are wearing!

    So which would be worse, taking a little chance and wearing what makes you happy regardless of who might dislike it, or changing yourself to fit into societies little cookie cutter mold of what a girl like you should be? Which will make you happy? Just think about it.


    Taking a small break.

    I'm talking a small break for personal reasons. I don't wish to say why but I would appreciate prayers. I probably won't be gone for very long, so just bear with me please.


    Just so everyone knows...

    I am a Christian. Why am I saying this on a blog that's meant for talking about fashion - Lolita in particular? Well, I just feel like God has put it on my heart to say this. I'm not one to keep my religion to myself, I'm not scared of telling the truth, and I'm not about to hide who I am.

    So, I'm just saying this so everyone knows it and there is no doubt - I am a Christian, I believe there is one God and only one way to heaven through him. I don't doubt that someone is bound to dislike me saying this, but I don't really care. Being a Christian is a huge part of who I am and I feel like I would be hiding who I am if I didn't make it clear to everyone.

    Now that I've gotten that off my chest, here is a picture of a cat dancing.

    Also, I have noticed the comments on my blog and I have tried to respond to them, but for some reason my comments aren't showing up. Sorry about that, I'll try to fix it.