I'm back from my super-short hiatus! Ha, just a day later... *blush* I really thought I'd need more time to feel well enough to update  my blog after the emotional stress I've been under lately. Guess I bounce back pretty fast. o_o"

Anyways, I want to talk about something that really, really bugs me.

I really dislike it when people say "I love Lolita fashion, and I would wear it, but I live in ___. If I wanted to wear Lolita, I'd have to move to Japan!" Oh, really? Lolita is a growing fashion trend, more and more people know about it every day, and there are lots of Lolitas in countries other than Japan, and even in Japan, Lolitas are a minority. So if you feel that you can't wear Lolita because you don't live in Japan, let me ask you this - ...Who's stopping you? The answer is simple, ( Unless you happen to be under eighteen and your parents are stopping you, but I've covered this topic in the past and I might do that again in the future. ) you are the only one preventing yourself from wearing what you want to. No, it's not the person who might make fun of you, or glare at you, or laugh at you, it's you. I've said it before and I'll say it again, being a Lolita takes courage. Lots of Lolitas, absolutely no better than you are, wear Lolita regularly or perhaps even every day in places where it may not be socially accepted. They do not possess some sort of magical ability that allows them to wear the fashion without being stared at or mocked, they are people just like you. From my own experience, it's not nearly as bad as all the horror stories you might hear about Lolitas getting harassed, those are rare occurrences. Usually ( Again, from my own experiences. ) people will either simply stare, or actually go up to you and compliment you on what you are wearing!

So which would be worse, taking a little chance and wearing what makes you happy regardless of who might dislike it, or changing yourself to fit into societies little cookie cutter mold of what a girl like you should be? Which will make you happy? Just think about it.

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  1. Agreed! As long as you walk with your head heald high, and you walk with confidence, none will usually bother you! Infact out of 8 years of loving lolita and wearing lolita/lolita inspired outfits, i only really had my first really negative/mean thing happen, and it was two preppy...chicks...to keep it civil...that were talking smack about me and our group when we were visiting the zoo...and thats it! Out of 8 years! And even if youdont have confidence, ACT LIKE YOU DO! The majority of people who act like that are gutless cowards showing off for friends anyways. And if you look or act vulnerable, then it will be more tempting to pick on you!

    Also, ive been stressed out too, so i wish you well since ive not been feeling so well myself! Eat well, rest well, stay hydrated, and you will be in my prayers! c:


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