When is Lolita fashion inappropriate?

This is a question that has been asked many times by many different Lolitas.
There are many different answers, but here is my opinion on it.

When Lolita is inappropriate 

  • At work: Some Lolitas will claim that Lolita is ALWAYS inappropriate at work. I disagree, I believe it is only inappropriate at work if your boss doesn't allow it. If you ask to wear Lolita or a more toned down version of Lolita and your boss allows it, then of course you can wear it - but always get their permission first.
  • School: This just depends on your school rules and whether or not you can handle or want to handle wearing Lolita every day, as not only is it an attention grabbing fashion whether you intend it to be or not, but it can be hard wearing it all day every day too. Sometimes it just isn't the most comfortable fashion in the world.
  • Funerals: Unless the funeral is for a Lolita, I wouldn't wear Lolita to a funeral, and even if it was for a Lolita I would only consider wearing Gothic or Kuro Lolita if I were to wear it at all. Funerals are about remembering the person who died, just be respectful of that.
  • Family Reunions: This just depends on your family and where they are meeting at. I would just go for a more toned down Lolita style if you do decide that it's appropriate to wear. 

Those are the only things I can think of where it might not be appropriate to wear Lolita, but above all just use your common sense. For example, I'm sure that everyone knows Lolita is inappropriate in some situations just because of practicality - jeans and a t-shirt are more appropriate for volunteer work than Lolita fashion. It's really not that hard to determine where to wear Lolita and where not to wear it, but I hope this helps. :)

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    1. I'm one of those fortunate ladies that can wear Lolita fashion to work whenever I desire (and actually, the ladies love to see my outfits, so it's encouraged). I typically do not wear my super fluffy petticoat and opt for my less fluffy one as well as wearing slightly more casual blouses sometimes. Classic works really well for most places as well since it's a bit more reserved.

      I disagree with your opinion on funerals. If done well, Lolita is completely appropriate for such. If I actually went to such things (long story, but I don't do funerals, but I sometimes attend wakes), I would totally wear something on a more classic slant, not an overly fluffy petticoat, and make sure the colours are appropriate. It's all about your coordination of a look and tailoring it to the place you are wearing it. I cannot see someone being offended by a well and modestly dressed lady attending such a somber event if the outfit is well chosen.

      Just my thoughts. Great post! Gets people thinking!

    2. That's awesome!

      I see what you mean, but I personally just couldn't bring myself to wear Lolita to a funeral unless it was for a Lolita herself. It's not because I don't wish to offend anyone, I don't see how anyone could be offended like you said, but it's more out of the fact that I would rather have everyone's attention on the person who died rather than what I'm wearing, as well as my own attention on the person who died.
      But then again I recently when to a funeral not even wearing Lolita and everyone was complimenting my outfit, so oh well! lol But like I said, it's up to each individual herself to determine when it's inappropriate to wear Lolita, that's just my opinion on the subject. :)


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