Handmade bows

I made these bows awhile ago and have been procrastinating on taking pictures of them and putting them on my blog ever since. So here you go! Just some cute little bows that I made. They're definitely not perfect but I have a very limited experience with sewing, so they aren't that bad either.

I began making bows and then just putting them on head bands like most Lolita bows, if you're wondering why I put it to the side instead of in the middle, I just think that looks better on me.

Here's a close up.

Then I started making other bows and just attaching them to plain little metal hair barrettes you can get at any craft store.

So yeah, I've been thinking about doing a tutorial on how to make these, they're really simple and they'd make a great accessory for any Lolita, especially a Lolita on a budget ( Like me. :) ) but I'm not to sure about it, so if you would like a tutorial on how to make these simple bows, just post a comment. If you have any constructive criticism please post that too. ^_^ Sorry for the crappy phone pics, btw.

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