Sock Hunting Part 1

My Lolita sock collection is, well, not quite as big as I'd like it to be. I went out "sock hunting" recently in search of some cute socks to work with my Lolita outfit and did manage to find some! I'll tell you right now, I can be pretty darn picky about finding things to work in with my Lolita co-ordinates, so that makes shopping for Lolita clothing
(especially in normal stores ) tricky sometimes, which explains why I didn't get many socks this last shopping trip. But this is only the beginning of my great sock-hunt! After all, to wear Lolita daily you need a great many pairs of socks! :)

Okay, so the left pair of socks in the top picture probably won't work into a lot of Lolita co-ordinates, but they were so cute! The red you see in them is actually a pastel pink but the picture didn't turn out that way for some reason... anyway, the pink bunny socks are so incredibly cute I could've died when I saw them. I desperately need a bunny-themed dress to wear with them!
As for the last pair of socks, they're just a plain pair of knee-highs and I actually have the same pair already, but you might be surprised how much a pair of white knee-high socks come in handy!

I'll continue shopping for socks as soon as possible, with spring coming up it should be no problem finding socks to go with Sweet Lolita!

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