How to be Original in Lolita

So, you'd like to add a dash of your own personality and uniqueness to your Lolita coordinates? Fantastic! Here's some tips to help you do it.


  • Keep a Lolita silhouette.
  • Make sure your colors match.
  • Make sure everything else matches, too. 
  • Try not to get too crazy, originality is great but you still want your co-ordinate to be easily recognizable as being Lolita.
  • Plenty of research. Gain as much knowledge about Lolita fashion as possible and it will be even easier to create your own style. 
  • Keep in mind that some Lolitas may dislike your co-ordinate and be open to positive criticism. 
  • Try to make your outfit look as nice as possible, put effort into it. Laziness just doesn't look good.


  • Try to be completely unique and original. There is a certain point at which breaking too many of the "rules" makes your outfit just not Lolita anymore. It's okay to break one or two as long as you still keep the Lolita silhouette. 
  • Try to be unique with your first Lolita outfit. You wouldn't try to create your own recipe while you have little cooking experience and barely any ingredients, would you? Same here, chances are if you have only just gotten your first Lolita outfit, you don't have the means or the experience to make it "original". Get the hang of it first and wait until you have more clothes to experiment with. 
  • Break all the rules for the sake of breaking all the rules. Understand that they are only there to keep Lolita fashion being the fashion that it is instead of turning into something else. 

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