More ignorance in the media

As if Lolitas hadn't been portrayed badly enough in the past, now someone is actually making a movie called "Are all men pedophiles?" and using a picture of a Lolita as their promotional poster. Please excuse me while I facepalm. There is a petition against this if you'd like to sign it, here.


  1. From what i saw from the trailer is that it kind of bothers me that they seem to be comeing from the angle that pedophelia is ok and "normal", but that may just be the trailer trying to provoke people into watching the movie. As far as the postter goes aside from the issue of the model being lied to which if true is horrible and wrong, i kind of feel like there is a potential for lolitas to encounter dangerous situations/harassment if some movie goes around associating it with pedophilia. Idk thats just my feel. I can handle being called bo peep and wheres my sheep by smart asses who think their so damn funny, but ive never run into anyone who associates it with pedophelia, and i cant assume that it could be too pleasant, especially with how when people tend to get really hot headed and angry when proposed with the idea of pedophilia in convorsation. If that at all makes sence :/

    1. There are actually people who believe pedophilia should be legal, just goes to show how messed up these people are. The whole documentary is not only completely sexist but just plain idiotic, these sickos really are trying to justify pedophilia.

      That's exactly why I was so furious when I saw it, we've worked so hard to give our subculture a good name and prove that we have nothing to do with pedophilia whatsoever and these people are ruining our efforts to do that! Not only does this effect the entire subculture, but even those who are loved ones of Lolitas and especially their boyfriends and husbands ( who could be accused of being a pedophile ! It's also especially going to effect Lolitas who are under eighteen and even put them in more danger than adult Lolitas and that is NOT okay.


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