Some Amazing Finds ( Sock Hunting Part 2 )

I only managed to find one pair of socks this time, but I was amazed at what else I found!

Here are the socks that I bought at Target, I heard about them from a post on EGL and had to get them. <3

But before I went to Target, I went to Claires at the mall and was pretty surprised to see these!

Not only a pair of wrist cuffs ( which I found the most surprising ) but a mini top hat as well! There was also a white pair of wrist cuffs but I decided to get the black pair since the white had a flower thing I didn't like. I always knew that Claires was Lolita friendly but this is amazing! Thoughts?


  1. top hats have been a popular accessory for a long time, that's not so surprising. But the wrist cuffs are a cool find!

  2. Ooh! I actually havebee wanting to find black writ cuffs! How much were they and what is their quality like?


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