Tips on Looking Like a Doll

There are a lot of different looks you can go for while wearing Lolita. You could wish to look like a princess, a Victorian, or of course - a doll. Here are some tips that should help you achieve the look of a cute little doll!

 Beauty tips
  • Use fake eyelashes and eyeliner, if you can then also use circle lenses, try to make your eyes look as big as possible.
  • Try to make your skin look flawless. Use concealer for any blemishes and for dark circles under your eyes and use foundation if you need it.
  • Having pale skin does help the porcelain look, but don't worry about it if you don't have pale skin. If you do and wish to keep it that way, use plenty of sunscreen and carry a parasol to keep the sun off of your face!
  • Use some light pink blush for your cheeks - use too much blush and you'll end up looking more like a clown than a doll.
  •  For your hair try having nice straight bangs and curls at the ends of your hair or buy a wig in that style. Pigtails with curls also will add to the look.
  • Keep your nails trimmed properly. A french manicure or just some clear nail polish is always great.

Style tips

  • Wear bonnets! These accessories are, in my opinion, even more doll-like than wearing headbows. You can find one to match your Lolita style or make one to match your Lolita style.
  • Try Classic or Sweet Lolita. While all styles of Lolita have their doll-like qualities, in my opinion these two have the most. 
  • For shoes, Mary Janes are the best! Wear them with knee-high socks with lace.
  • For Classic Lolitas, big fancy Lolita hats, especially ones with roses, work wonderfully for a doll look.

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