Trip to an Anime Convention

Yesterday, perhaps one of the busiest days of my life so far, was my first trip to an anime convention. I was nervous, excited and all dolled up! A couple shots of my outfit.

 I just now notice that the bow on the cupcake was a bit sideways, of course. And don't ask what happened to these gloves, but I wasn't wearing them later and never will again.

I LOVE these socks!!

I was able to attend some Lolita panels as well as one Steampunk panel before I began to feel horrible for multiple reasons ( I think I'm getting sick... ) and had to go home. I still had a wonderful time though, and was able to purchase a few things with what little money I had!

 The first thing I bought was this adorable little Bunny Bear...thing. It was just so cute I couldn't resist... ^_^"
I have to say though, with all the good things I've heard about brand, what I saw at the Baby the Stars Shine Bright stall was pretty...disappointing. There were beautiful things, don't get me wrong, but, well... I felt one skirt and I was absolutely shocked with how thin it was. The Bodyline skirt that I was wearing was softer and thicker than that! And the lace on the bunny bear I bought, both the lace around the neck and the head, was somewhat scratchy. I still love what I bought, but I was very disappointed in it's quality. Still, I did see some beautiful things there that did seem to be of much better quality than the skirt or the bear, and I wish I'd of had a lot more money to spend! :) The socks looked particularly nice!

Then I bought a cupcake necklace, a cupcake ring and a cute little poptart ring! I love the necklace the most, it's friggin adorable.

I also got to meet some other Lolitas there, they were very sweet and I'm so glad I got to go!

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