Finding the time for Lolita

If you're like me, then a lot of your daily activities require more practical clothing than the frills and poof that make up Lolita fashion. Exercising, chores and sometimes even shopping cannot be done while wearing Lolita. What's a Rufflebutt to do? When can one ever find the time to feel like a princess in such a busy world?

Hopefully this will help.

Tone it down a little...or a lot.

Casual Lolita or simply wearing a nice blouse with a good pair of jeans are better than no Rori at all and can still make you feel cute. Add some adorable accessories if your time and activities will allow them, even just a cute necklace with otherwise normal clothing can make your day a little brighter.

Paint your nails

Paint them, decorate them or just put on fake nails. This simple touch ( hopefully ) won't be too time consuming and will make any outfit, no matter how casual, cuter.

Wear Lolita when you go shopping or to church

It may seem silly to get all dressed up just to go shopping or to wear something like Lolita to church, but I must admit that I enjoy doing these things. If you don't feel comfortable in full out Lolita, you could always tone it down or just wear some cute accessories instead. Depending on what church you might attend, it might not be accepted as much as it should be ( especially Gothic Lolita, unfortunately, with the stereotypes surrounding Goth ) but you really should think about trying it out. I wear Lolita very frequently to church or at least something cute and I always get kind reactions to it and I hope it works out that well for you too! It will also make you look forward to each coming Sunday and being able to wear your frills out.

Wear a nightgown to bed

If you can't find the time to wear Lolita during the day, you can still wear something frilly and beautiful at night, even if it's just to bed.

Plan when to wear Lolita

 If all else fails, just make some space in your schedule to wear Lolita for a day. You could plan to go out for a  nice walk at the park, or you could just stay at home and rest in your favorite dress. 

What is most important to remember is that you don't have to wear Lolita all the time, so don't feel bad if you don't have time to wear it today or even just don't feel like it. Just have fun when you do have the time to wear it!

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