More changes

We all know that life changes and sometimes it takes a completely different turn than you expected. No, I am definitely not quitting Lolita, but my life is changing and I thought I should make it clear because this blog will probably change too.

First of all, summer is coming. And I live in Texas. So yeah, it's going to get very, very hot, very soon. Which means from now on I either have to wear pretty casual Loli coordinates ( Which never seems to work out for me because somehow they all end up not so casual... ) or just dressing cute. Therefore I will still continue buying Lolita, but I will probably also try out some cooler ( in a literal sense! ) fashions such as fairy kei or just my own cute kind of style. So don't be surprised if I make a post that has nothing to do with Lolita fashion, but some other sort of fashion instead. I probably won't do that often as I still love Lolita the most, but I might do it sometimes.

Second, I start a tumbling class tomorrow ( a type of gymnastics ) and not only will that take up a lot of my time, it takes up a lot of my money too. The rest of my money ( besides tithe ) will usually be devoted to purchasing more clothing, speaking of which I have just ordered an adorable new dress and whenever it gets here I will definitely be doing a review! I'll probably also have to learn to sew to add more clothes to my Lolita wardrobe because of my lack of money, but oh well. :)

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  1. I live in the desert in southern arizona so I know what you mean about switching styles for the summer!


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