Finding Lolita Inspiration

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 Ever feel bored with Lolita fashion? Before you post a "Leaving Lolita" sale on the sales comm, read through these tips to make sure you aren't just in need of a little Loli inspiration!

Watch Lolita Youtube videos

Here is a link to a playlist of Lolita videos I like to watch and take inspiration from, there are lots of Loli videos on Youtube and they are great for getting new ideas. You could come up with a new coordinate just by seeing someone else's, or feel like wearing your frills again when you see someone else having fun in theirs!

Look at some Lolita Tumblers

Little Lolita Moments, Lolita memes and You Know You're a Lolita When are only a few of the many Lolita Tumblers out there. Not only will you get a little laugh, you might just remember why you got into the fashion in the first place. Just looking at some of the Lolitas on Tumblr is also a wonderful inspiration, so many beautiful coordinates! 

Get some new clothes

 You might just be bored with wearing the same things. You don't have to purchase anything expensive, there are dresses from Bodyline for just 41 dollars ( and that's including shipping! ) and plenty of accessories just waiting for you at the mall. Just looking through a website that sells Lolita things can inspire you!

Give yourself a break

Maybe all you need is a little break from the fashion and subculture. That's perfectly fine, no one says you have to be a Lolita 24/7! 


Perhaps you're sick of seeing the same old styles of Lolita. If so, why not try creating your own? Don't be afraid to experiment! Play with your clothes, see what works and looks good together, then wear it! Lolita fashion itself wouldn't be here if the ones who came up with it were afraid of wearing something new.

Make a list of what you love about Lolita

Make a list of your favorite parts of Lolita fashion. It could be anything - rose prints on classic dresses, Mary Jane shoes, a particular color or fabric you love, anything. Once you have that list, you know what you love the most and you might just have your inspiration for a coordinate! 

If you still end up feeling like you don't want to wear Lolita anymore, don't feel bad about it. Sometimes people change their styles and there is nothing wrong with that, but for your own sake, don't give up all of your Lolita clothes! You probably worked hard to get them and if you ever want to return to the fashion you don't want to have to start from scratch all over again! At least keep your favorite dress or skirt, one pair of shoes ( ones in white or black that will go with a lot, or your favorite pair ), one pair of bloomers, a white blouse and at least one petticoat if not two.

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