It feels like I haven't been posting a lot lately ( well, I probably haven't ) and I'm sorry for that. I'm still waiting for my dress to arrive from Bodyline which STILL hasn't given me my shipping information yet even though I paid for the dress last month. I will post a review as soon as it arrives, if it arrives.
I'm also working on creating a specific style of Lolita that might be a bit hard to pull off, I'm not sure how to start but I have a wonderful inspiration on where I want to go with it. If I knew how to sew it would be easier...
I'm not going to say much about the style yet aside from the fact that I already know some Lolitas might have a problem with it even though it's not breaking any rules whatsoever, and all I have to say about that is that I don't give a flying banana. :P

Also, next time I buy something it probably won't be from Bodyline for a couple of reasons. 1. I always buy from Bodyline, I want something different next time, as long as it's still affordable. 2. I'm growing tired of their lack of communication, I have a right to know where my order is since I'm the one paying for it. That's not to say I won't ever buy from them again, I just want to buy somewhere else next time.
I might look into some online fairy kei stores for the summer, if anyone knows of any good ( cheap ) ones, please let me know in the comments!

I  also might stop procrastinating and actually change the look of this blog this summer since it desperately needs it if I can ever find something I really like. 

- Amelia Jane


  1. Oh no! I just placed an order with bodyline last week and was also wondering why I hadn't received any tracking info. I saved and spent a ton! I wanted to get a bunch of skirts to help the Summerr days more bearable here...but if its taking so long to even ship, (assuming that's why no info has been sent), then my things wont be here until half of this horrid summer is over! :[ please keep us [me] updated!

    As far as other places to shop, I have found many cute fairy kei and lolita shops on etsy!

  2. I ordered a 3 weeks ago from bodyline and i didnt get the shipping information too! But two days ago I finally got it, kinda irritated because it took so long! I understand you want to buy somewhere else! If you find some nice shops can you please put them on your blog? :)

    I am really looking forward to see the coord you are working on! :D


  3. Just to let you know I contacted bodyline and they sent me tracking info the next day. This is the second tine I've had to do this. I hope we all receive our things soon!


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