Dress up!

We all know that Lolita fashion resembles the look of a porcelain doll ( usually ), right? And how fun is it to dress up an adorable little doll in frills and lace? Unfortunately, BJDs are very expensive and not every Lolita can afford one. Myself, for example.

So I go to the next best thing, dress up games! 

Here are some Lolita dress up games that I like to play!

Goth Loli dress up game - This is the game the above image is taken from. I love all of the options you can choose from and the music is lovely.

Lolita dress up game by Queen of Dorks - I found this game through Parfaitdoll ( Formerly known as Lolita Charm. ) and I love it, the music is adorable as is the cute chibi character you get to dress up! This creative little game also has a lot of different clothing to choose from, which makes it one of my favorite dress up games.

Sweet Lolita dress up - This one is so adorable!

Lolita friends dress up game - Very cute, you get to dress up a Gothic Lolita and a Sweet Lolita. Nice music, too!

Decololi dress up game - In this game you get to choose the color and pattern of your clothes.

Sweet Lolita dress up game - This is also one of my favorites! Not a lot of options, but the clothes are so cute!

Gothic Lolita maker - Very elegant, one of the first Lolita dress up games I came across.

So, what's your favorite dress up game?

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted anything in awhile, I've been sick and otherwise just not feeling very well so I decided to take a small break from blogging. I'm feeling better now though so I'll be writing on a regular basis again!

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  1. I love these games! Some of them i didnt even kniw about so thank you for this!!!^^ <3


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