I love painting and decorating my nails ( I'm not very good at it, but that's beside the point! ), what Lolita doesn't? But my nails aren't nearly as strong as I want them to be, and the cuticles? They can be a pain. So in my search for something to help with both problems, I discovered something I honestly didn't think would work at first, a cheap cuticle pen by E.L.F.
I was amazed at how well it worked on my cuticles, in just one use they looked far better than they had before! A plus was that it didn't smell bad, in fact I couldn't even smell it at all. Using this pen, you'll probably still need to push your cuticles back, but it definitely helps with dry cuticles. I've been using it on my whole nail and with the actual nail itself, I honestly haven't noticed any difference, but it's definitely working well on my cuticles, pretty good for something that's only a dollar!

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