Why I love Lolita Fashion.

There isn't just one reason for me to say why exactly I love this fashion that's so far from the mainstream and the everyday. I can't just say, "I love it because it's so ___".

This may sound completely ridiculous to some of you, but I love it because, well... I feel like it's a part of me that I was missing before. Yes, that's crazy, Lolita has no magical powers or anything like that, it's just clothes. I know. But I really feel that way.

After discovering Lolita, if I can't wear Lolita out when I go somewhere for any reason, I have a hard time deciding what to wear. I just don't feel like myself in anything else.  I'll be completely honest, I want to always be wearing Lolita. Of course that's not always practical and I won't always be wearing Lolita, but it's definitely a goal of mine to go at least one week wearing only Lolita fashion.

A lot of girls see Lolita as a sort of escapism, some girls just wear it because they like it, some girls have a Lolita lifestyle, there's nothing wrong with any of those things. Personally, I like it for a lot of reasons.

The Freedom

Living in the modern day society where anything out of the norm is basically shunned and the people who aren't ordinary are "freaks", the freedom of being able to wear a dress featuring teddy bears or unicorns or basically anything you want is very refreshing. Honestly, I feel like - "Yes, I'm dressed like a doll and wearing a giant bow on my head. So what, I'm a Lolita!" Isn't that just an amazing feeling? To know that you are dressed out of the ordinary and that people are probably staring... but not to care?

The Self Expression

I consider this a bit different from just the freedom of wearing Lolita, the freedom to me is basically how good it feels to be able to wear something you know is outrageous without caring, the self expression part is actually wearing what expresses your unique personality. Which, yeah, is pretty different than just wearing clothes different from the mainstream just for the sake of being "different". If we all did that, we wouldn't be very different, now would we? ;)
Anyways, I am a girl who loves...well...everything cute! I want to express that, I want to express my love of teddy bears and unicorns and Alice in Wonderland, ect. ect. Lolita gives me a chance to do that! When I'm in a different mood, I can dress Country, Gothic, Punk, you name it. I love all the different types of Lolita and the fact that you can put your love of just about anything into a Lolita outfit and therefore, express yourself!

The Modesty

Lolita is inherently modest, and you know what? I love that about it! Some people seem to think that you could never get a date while wearing a fashion like Lolita. I for one wouldn't want to date a guy who only likes me based on how I dress. You don't have to wear revealing clothes to be attractive, and it certainly doesn't show much respect for your own body not to have any privacy. I'm not advocating the harassment of women who do dress that way, not at all, regardless of how someone is dressed you shouldn't harass them. I'm just saying that beauty is not measured by how little clothing you are wearing, and I think Lolita fashion proves that!

Dressing up

Sometimes I don't like to take the time to put the clothes on, fix my hair, put on makeup, do my nails, ect. but on the other hand, it can be really fun just taking some time to pamper yourself. In a society that makes loving yourself seem selfish, it's fun just to get away from all of that and just to have fun dressing up like a princess or a doll or whatever you want to be! Which leads me to...

The Fantasy

A lot of girls feel like princesses while wearing Lolita, or they just feel powerful. Or both! I've heard it said that Lolita clothing is a Lolita's armor, with it she can go out into the world and conquer anything! That's how I feel about it. When I wear it, I feel strong. I feel like nothing can hurt me. Lolita is a form of escapism for many girls, or a shield of armor. It takes strength to be a Lolita, to overcome the fear that people will laugh at your or not take you seriously. Lolita pretty much is a strength, and for some girls, it's a fantasy and a means of escaping reality for awhile, a sanctuary. I guess there is a bit of "magic" in Lolita after all!

Well I guess that pretty much covers it. Aside from the obvious of course - I like how it looks. That right there is a good enough reason to wear it. lol But that's not the only reason I wear it so I thought I'd list all of them.
Why do you like Lolita fashion?

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  1. I agree completely! I love looking different! I love that i wont run into 10 other girls at the mall wearing my same dress! I love that lolita is such a big variety of looks and styles, but it is still all lolita. I love being able to dress cute and still be covered (allthough ill admit i love my micro minis at times especially in summer when its in the 100s!^^'). I love being all dolled up! I always loved the victorian period and rococo so when i discovered loita it felt like fate. Like i belonged :] so i know how you feel about the whole finding a lost piece of yourself thing. ;p


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