Update/Rori shopping plan for June

I'm back from my "vacation"! :D So, I might order some new Lolita stuff soon. I need cutsews and a pair of white or offwhite shoes so if anyone knows where you can buy those cheap from places other than Bodyline, please let me know! I also have my eye on a bonnet I might buy, so when I do order those I will definitely post reviews for all of them. And don't be surprised if I go sock hunting again or randomly buy a bunch of accessories.

This month I am starting something new that I will call The Newbie's Guide to Lolita Fashion. I'm going to break it down into different parts and try to include everything a newbie should know before jumping into the frills, I have a good idea on what I want to do with it but if you have suggestions on what you think should be included I am more than happy to hear them in the comments! ( Once again, I do read all the comments, but my stupid computer still won't let me post any for some reason. )
I'll try to start later this week and then post one part every week until it's finished. :)

- Amelia Jane

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