What to expect your first time out in Lolita

So you have your first Lolita outfit - feeling a bit nervous about wearing it out in public? Don't be! While your experience will vary depending on where you live and who you meet while you're out as well as where you go, here are the basics of what to expect as well as a few tips.

1. People will stare.

This is normal and to be expected wearing any fashion different from the norm.

2. People will feel the need to comment on what you are wearing.

Most people will probably not comment at all, most of the ones who do comment will probably say nice things and all of the ones who say mean things aren't worth your time or effort. Just stay confident, mean people are usually cowards and will be intimidated, therefore leaving you alone.

 3. Don't be surprised if people ask to take your picture - or do so without asking at all.

Consider the first a compliment, if they are impressed enough to ask you for a picture it probably means you look pretty good! As for the second, you don't have to put up with that, it's an invasion of privacy. Either confront them or block them from being able to take your picture with something like a parasol or a friend. If they make you feel threatened tell a police officer, harassment is against the law no matter what you're wearing.

4. If you're wearing a tulle petticoat, it will deflate. 

Specifically, it will deflate in the back from you sitting on it while wearing Lolita. This can be temporarily fixed by starching it or avoided completely ( So I've heard ) by wearing a crinoline petticoat.


  • Bring a friend or two. You'll feel a lot less nervous and will be able to focus more on having fun that what other people are thinking about you.
  • If you plan on doing a lot of walking around, leave the heels at home. Trust me, it will save your feet some pain. If you really have to wear them, try using gel insoles.
  • Don't snap at anyone who stares at you, they probably know nothing about the fashion and are simply curious about you. 
  • Just have fun wearing what you like!

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