Good Enough

Everywhere you look, perfection is the standard of what a person should be. Mainstream society and even subcultures have developed an image of what perfection is, for the Lolita it is looking just like a porcelain doll and for other girls it may be looking like a Barbie doll. It's not just the image either, it's everything down to whether or not your own beliefs will offend someone else's.

This isn't something we should just sit back and allow. No one will ever be "good enough", because we won't ever be perfect. I hope everyone out there realizes that. Why? Because you're probably judging yourself by that same standard, too. I do it all the time, every day, I'm sure most of you do too, to think thoughts like "Maybe I shouldn't wear Lolita today, my hair doesn't look just right." or to wonder why you're even going to bother trying to do something great because there will always be someone out there better, smarter or prettier than you. Everyone makes mistakes no matter how much we try to deny it or cover it up, even the people you look at and wonder "How can he/she be so perfect?". I've finally come to a realization, and that is that I don't need anyone else's permission to be myself loud and proud.

And neither do you.

My mom always used to say to me that someone is going to find something to tease you about no matter what you do. So why even bother trying to please everyone? Go ahead and try, try to become whatever it is you feel led to become, be aware that people will always attempt to bring you down but in the end they can't stop you.

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