Lolita becoming... mainstream?

This may be an old topic but I'm going to discuss it anyways because some people still have an issue with this.

As Lolita gains popularity and even celebrities try out the fashion, there has always been a fear among Lolitas of the fashion becoming... *gasp* MAINSTREAM.  I find this fear ridiculous.

Our Lolita world will not be destroyed if more people gain interest in the fashion. For those of you worried about more "itas" walking around, how well did you dress when you tried on your first fashion? I wince to look at pictures of myself in my first Lolita outfit, not a bad attempt but not true Lolita. As for the fear of posers, how can we know someone's true intentions by a glance? It's like seeing a Goth who happens to be hanging out at the mall and labeling them a mall Goth immediately, especially when they shop at Hot Topic. What a crime, actually finding good clothes and accessories at the mall. I came across this link today through a list of Lolita tutorials, it's a very old thread but it still made me angry. To think we should have the powers to pick and choose who is "worthy" of Lolita is laughably ridiculous. What are we becoming, Lolita hipsters?

If Lolita became "mainstream", I think that would be a good thing. As it is, anyone who wishes to join the fashion has the freedom to do so, so why would we want to start limiting that freedom if it became more popular? Because it would be less unique? Ladies, think about it. We're already wearing a fashion that lots of other people in other countries are wearing. It's not that unique, and honestly I'm going to be a bit blunt here, if you're only wearing the fashion to be "different" from the mainstream ( by wearing a fashion that other people are already wearing, hmmm... not that different after all. ) then I don't see that as a very good reason to wear Lolita at all.

If Lolita became mainstream, it would be more widely available. A lot of Lolitas budgets would be thankful for that, I know mine would, and a lot more people would be introduced to this wonderful fashion that we already know and love. What would be so wrong with that? We've already found happiness with this fashion, why keep that happiness all to ourselves? Not to mention you could walk down the street in Lolita and get a lot less odd stares.

There might be a lot more "itas" walking around, but you know, that's what the internet is for. They'd be bound to see all the different Lolita guides and tutorials here and even if they didn't follow them, would the rise of itas really make the true Lolitas go into hiding or something? I doubt it. We don't want people to judge us unfairly for what we wear, why do the same thing to someone else?

So now I've put my two cents in about that. And I'm wondering how a hipster Lolita coordinate would look...


  1. I personally don't really want lolita to become mainstream, since it I fear it would end up like goth fashion, where now, to someone uneducated about the fashion, any vaguely depressed person in black is a goth. So then a "lolita" would be defined as "any girl with vaguely frilly clothing".

    Although I do agree with you on your other points. It would be nice for lolita to be more widely avaiable, and receive less stares. So I guess having it be mainstream has both perks and downsides.

    LOLOL "hipster lolis" would probably wear Wayfarer glasses, with only offbrand clothes (since Angelic Pretty is "too mainstream" XD).

  2. Well if you think about it, Lolita is already misunderstood a lot. ( A lot of people see it and instantly think it's either cosplay or a fetish. x_x ) I'm sure Goth was the same way even before it was mainstream, with people misunderstanding it. I don't think it becoming mainstream would change that much. :P

    lol So true, now I want to make a hipster Lolita coordinate. XD

  3. I think I would love it if Lolita became mainstream because others will be sharing with me what I love. I made a small post about this on my blog but it wasn't as well-worded as yours and some girls said they wouldn't like it because it wouldn't feel as "special".

  4. The only negative thing I'm really worried about is people thinking that it is some kind of sexual role-play or fetish or cosplay.
    But it would be nice to not have to deal with the stares and rude comments.


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